Top Benefits of Having a Louvered Roof

Benefits of Having a Louvered Roof

A louvred roof may seem excessive, but it is one of the best ideas possible if you have a small outdoor space. The flap covers can let in sunlight during summer while being shuttered during the rains. Having a louvred roof can also increase the resale value of a home as families can enjoy the outdoor space at any time. Of course, this is just a short description of how a louvred roof can benefit the homeowner. Here are a few more reasons why you should get a louvred roof installed in your outdoor place as soon as possible.

  • Protection in bad weather

The primary function of the outdoor roof louvres is to open and close to control the amount of sun exposure. During peak sunlight, the flaps can be closed or modulated to decrease the amount of sunlight entering the seating area underneath to make it as comfortable as possible. In case of rain, the louvred roof systems can be closed entirely and become watertight, preventing leakage. Most of the vents are designed to have 180-degree rotation to control light and air.

  • Temperature and glare protection

The automatic roof louvres can reduce the glare entering the house through clear glass windows or sliding windows. This will decrease the overall temperature of the room facing the porch and also reduce the heat of your porch as well.

  • Outdoor furniture protection

The adjustable roof louvres are usually weather-resistant. As they restrict the amount of sunlight entering the underlying area, it will also protect the wood, concrete or painted surface of your porch from exposed sunlight and water exposure. They are also good for protecting furniture like grills and outdoor fixtures from water, sunlight and wind exposure.

  • Wind control

During windy days or days with poor wind, it is entirely possible to switch the roof louvres patio covers around to direct the breeze. This will not only provide comfort during hot wind-less days, but it will also ensure satisfaction during windy days. However, learning to adjust the flaps and experimenting to get the right settings will take some time.

  • Privacy

As the flaps can be moved around as required, privacy is quite easy to adjust. This is particularly true if you live on the ground floor with other people residing on the upper floors or your building. Closing the roof can also reduce sounds from a backyard party and ensure that your neighbours are not disturbed.

  • Visual appeal

Retractable sunroofs with louvres are the most attractive. The system is usually constructed of lightweight or coloured aluminium and provides a clean but durable covering over outdoor spaces. According to the company, homeowners can also find tinted retractable roof louvres that can be fitted with lights, fans and other accessories.

  • Increased outdoor space

This kind of roof ensures that you can spend more time outdoors. You can host outdoor parties, relax outdoors even if the weather is windy or rainy and also open the flaps to enjoy more sunlight. By regulating the folds of the roof, you can restrict your exposure to UV light while still enjoying an adequate amount of sunlight.

  • Increase in resale value

Any kind of property modification can quickly increase the property resale value. This is particularly in the case of a louvred roof. As the amount of living space is increased, it will definitely increase the property resale value of your home.

  • Simple and easy to control

Most people may wonder why a louvered roof is essential. Why not just put up a gazebo or a tent? Or why not cover the patio with a permanent roof? These may seem like attractive options but each of these ideas have their own advantages and disadvantages. A gazebo is much more expensive than a louvered roof and it cannot be moved once it is set up.

However, retractable louvered sunroofs are easy to move and much cheaper than gazebos. Tents are definitely cheaper but not as durable or stable. In fact, all louvred roofs come with a remote control which makes it easy to control. Manual winders are also available and are also provided with wireless remotes as a backup option.

Now you know the benefits of having a louvred roof, how does the roofing system work?

It’s pretty simple. The basic structure of the louvred roof consists of four corner posts, four support beams, and the louvred roof. The flaps are based on a track system that moves them up and down through a motorised system.

Most systems have a wall-mounted system, but they also have a remote control or an additional mobile app. Some of the most advanced systems have automatic inbuilt rain and wind sensors. These adjustable systems are designed to close automatically in case of excessive wind or rain.

Design options in Australia?

At present, several companies are manufacturing louvred roofs in the market. The designs options are endless. You can choose from materials, colours, and shades as well.

For example, retractable awnings are available in a range of materials and colours. Design options are also available in the form of flat roofs that have a larger span with flat blades. Sloping roofs are also available with a central pitched angle and elevated flaps on either side of the central seam.

A-frame roofs are also popular in some areas. These roofs have two symmetrical beams that meet in the centre at a 45-degree or bigger angle. Another popular option is the box frame roof that is usually made in timber or steel. Curved beams are popular as well but they may be a little expensive. Most of these roofs have inbuilt mood lighting systems as well. We recommend checking with the manufacturer to find the different lighting options available

Where can you get such a roof installed on your home? Several companies deal with the process and we recommend getting a cost quote and reviewing specific designs, louvred roof cost Australia and benefits before installing patio roof louvres. Get as much information as possible and make an informed decision.